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Instructor Kevin Chapman


Genbukan Kenshu Dojo UK instructor (Dojo-Cho) Kevin Chapman joined the Genbukan in 1988 travelling throughout the UK, Europe and Japan to train with Genbukan Grandmaster Soke Tanemura and his senior instructors.


In 1998 Kevin was given permission to open the Kettering branch of the Genbukan Kenshu Dojo UK and now runs classes in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.


In 2003 Kevin moved to Japan and became an Uchi Deshi (live-in student) at the Honbu Dojo (Genbukan Head Quarters). During this time Kevin developed a deep understanding of Japanese culture and how this influences traditional martial arts training. He recognised the importance of trust and loyalty which develops with one’s teacher over time, thus allowing the transmission of both martial (Bumon) and spiritual (Shumon) knowledge to be shared.


On returning to the UK Kevin attended University graduating with a first class honours degree in sport and exercise science before completing his masters degree in physiotherapy.