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Genbukan Ninjutsu

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

How to Join


If you wish to try a lesson please contact us first so that a start date can be arranged for you.


We will ask you to complete a training form (or you can download and fill it in first). We also request that you bring some ID (passport, driving licence etc) for insurance purposes. If you have any queries regarding the joining process, please give us a call so we may advise you.


As a beginner we will explain how the class is conducted and guide you through the lesson.


After you have completed a probationary period of training (approximately 3 months) you will be asked to pay a membership fee to our governing organisation (Genbukan Ninpo Bugei/Kokusai Jujutsu), which then permits entry to gradings and special courses (Tokkun/Taikai).

Training Fees


First lesson is free then its £5 per session.




Genbukan Ninpo Bugei & Insurance (due yearly in March) £28*


Genbukan Ninpo Bugei & Kokusai Jujustu & insurance (due yearly in March) £35*




9th-4th Kyu  ¥3000    (approx £22*)

3rd-1st  Kyu  ¥4000    (approx £30*)

Shodan         ¥10,000  (approx £70*)



(* Fees sent in Yen so may vary according to rate of  exchange)

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